The purpose of  Project Bottle is to provide the brand "Blancrux Cognac" with amazing marketing assets 

to promote throughout Social Media platforms for exposure and mesmerizing images. 

Below you will find some examples from different artists & myself (Other Artist's photos will be blurred)


As you can see the bottles are posed very nicely with a beautiful set up, the splash effect makes a more dramatic image which I would love to replicate. But the key feature is to get the lighting just right to give the bottle & liquid a nice color.

Below you will find some videos as an example of something we could replicate to make an attractive 

eye catcher for your brand:

These eye catching videos are great for publishing on Social Media and having them loop in your stores for maximum exposure.

What we would need??

If we we're to go through with this project, we would need a small budget and maybe 2 bottles that will be opened and partly used for shooting the Photos & Videos 

Project Bottle