About us

My name is Andrew Gevers and I am the founder of AG-Designs.
Since I was a young fellow I was always fond of drawing and creating stuff with my hands or with the computer, my father and brother got me into computers at a very young age so I had more room for creativity. I found a very fun game called: BlockLand which was based on Legos. This game had an open-source concept allowing me to design and create my own items and put them in the game with simple C++ Coding and basic 3D modeling, 
I was only 12 when I started this.

And as I got older, my designs improved:


After some free lancing I got my first VideoCamera and started my way into Adobe AfterEffects & Premiere.

Not long after at the age of 15 I had my first commercial live on TV under my first "Company" FinalDesign.



On a Business trip in South-America we ran into some trouble where a great deal of our Equipment was stolen and therefor we had to start all over. After some experience we decided to go with the "Ease-of-Use"

method for our equipment, meaning for a more RUN & GUN type setup while keeping the quality at a 

professional level:

BlackMagic Pocker Cinema Camera 4k

Canon EOS R - Mirrorless FullFrame

Aputure 120D + Aputure Lightdome II

Røde Video NTG